February 2017

February 2017 NENA Executive Board Meeting

February 21, 2017 @ 1530 hrs.

Atendees: Whitney Rogers, President; Spencer Harrison, 1st Vice President; Kadee Ellsworth, Treasurer; Courtney Pae, Training Chair; Brian Gordon, Immediate Past President; Ashley Tims, Secretary.

Excused: Jennifer Davidson, 2nd Vice President

  • New board members: Welcome Kadee, Courtney and Ashley to the board. We are excited to work with all of them!
  • Training: Planning for annual training event. Tentatively Mid-May. This training will focus more on Fire & EMS response to coincide with National EMS Month.
  • Fundraising: Possible charity event for this year could be a bowling tournament. Funds raised this year will go to a Firefighter Suicide charity.
  • Membership: Brian will send out membership rosters to be updated. Spencer has a list of all PSAP addresses to use for each member that didn’t give an address on registration for the last membership drive. Memberships need to be updated with NENA national as well as verified by the local agencies.
  • Treasury: Thinking of cancelling Zion’s Bank account and moving to a credit union with fewer fees. Use of Paypal to continue. Whitney will be looking around at insurance policies for trainings that we host.
  • Social Media: Spencer and Brian will continue to update the website as well as the Facebook page. Spencer will be keeping the page active and pushing out resources and info during April for 911 Education Month.
  • Spencer will be making contact with Baylee Greenberg to coordinate collaboration with the Crisis Text Line.


Next Meeting: March 14, 2017 via conference call @ 1500 hrs.