February 2016

February 25, 2016 1500L at VECC
Attendees: Brian Gordon, President; Rion Phillips, 1st Vice President; Whitney Rogers, 2nd Vice President; Darlana Quinn, Treasurer; Jennifer Davidson, Membership Chair.
Excused: Missy Widdison, Secretary; Garyth Hull, Immediate Past President; Jessica Nelson, Training Chair.

1) Training: Planning for each quarter this year. 1st quarter training complete at the Airport January 13, 2016. Training for 2nd quarter possibly hoist training with Life Flight. Brian will look in to setting up the training with contacts at Life Flight. Liability release may be needed for the event.
2) Fundraising: Spring Fling Fundraiser Golf tournament at a local course for the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial. Rion will make contact with the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial to see if the week of May 15th is suitable for the event to coincide with the National Police Week.
3) Treasury: Verification of dues for the January training from Dugway.
4) Membership: Membership needs to be updated on the National website and verified with the local agencies. Jennifer is sending current lists to local agencies for the information to be updated with National NENA directly or through the council.
5) National Contact: Whitney is obtaining information about the national conference calls with the chapter presidents, membership rebate status, and what needs to be done to update our chapter information on the national website.
6) Appreciation Week: Dispatch Appreciation Week is April 10-16, 2016. Jennifer is looking at options for cards to send to each Utah agency.
7) Social Media: NENA Facebook page needs to be updated and push out to agencies to “Like” us on Facebook.

Next meeting: April 4th, 1500 at The Ridge Golf Club, West Valley City.

Compiled by Jennifer Davidson