Emergency Call Taker/Dispatcher, Spanish Fork

Minimum pay: $16.07 per hour
Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District, providing public safety communications services to multiple police, fire and emergency medical agencies in Utah County, is looking for highly motivated individuals to fill positions of Emergency Dispatcher.
Essential functions of the job include: Evaluate incoming calls through structured interrogation of callers, quickly collecting critical facts.
 Make an initial assessment about the nature and urgency of the call.
 Record and relay information for police, fire and medical services.
 Exercise good judgment and logical thought patterns during emergency and heavy workloads.
 Gain control of calls through active listening, remaining calm, conveying objectivity and communicating effectively.
 Operate computer-aided dispatch system.
 Query local, state and national databases and relay to appropriate agencies.
 Dispatch emergency requests to law enforcement officers, EMS, fire, and public works personnel for multiple agencies.
 Maintain accurate status of all units on radio channels.
 Coordinate multiple agencies on different radio frequencies throughout the life cycle of a call.
 Follow policies, procedures, guidelines and instructions.
 Utilize appropriate interpersonal skills while communicating and interacting with the public, co-workers, supervisors, managers and others in the performance of the job duties.
 Maintain confidentiality with information obtained through employment.
Persons considering this career must be aware that the work requires shift work, which includes working long shifts, all hours of the day, all days of the week, and on holidays and other special occasions.
Basic Qualifications:
 U.S. Citizen
 High school graduation or equivalent, plus six (6) months of customer service experience.
 Must pass a typing test at or above the rate of 40 WPM net.
Applications will be screened to ensure requirements have been met, to include a preliminary criminal record check being conducted. Select applicants must then:
 Pass extensive skills tests and interviews.
 Pass a drug screen and extensive background check.
 Other processes may be included such as medical, psychological and polygraph exams.
Upon hire a candidate must successfully complete the Communications Training program, and must obtain and maintain District required dispatch certifications.
Pay and Benefits:
 Minimum pay: $16.07 per hour
 Health, dental, life and vision insurance benefits available
 Utah State Public Employees retirement
 Vacation, sick and personal leave
To apply do the following:
1. Complete the application found at www.utahvalley911.org
2. Complete a preliminary record check form found at www.utahvalley911.org
3. Complete the Applicant Checklist found at www.utahvalley911.org
4. Take a online typing test and print a copy of the final results. A site you can use is: http://www.freetypinggame.net/free-typing-test.asp
5. Submit all of the described documents:
a. By Mail: Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District
3075 North Main
Spanish Fork, UT 84660
b. By Fax: Attn: Shantell Staiger 801-794-3985
c. Scan and send via Email: sstaiger@utahvalley911.org
6. Questions? Call 801-794-3941 and speak to Shantell


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